Why these Indian Americans want Donald Trump to sit in the White House

India at Large staff

Donald’s Trump’s controversial remarks have got caused a lot of controversy. His racist slur against Sikhs and his controversial remarks against Muslims had alienated the Indian-American community against him, or so it seemed. But  a group of Indian-Americans are not praising Trump, they are also doing their best to ensure that he enters the Oval office as president. As a result, forums have been created on Facebook and Twitter  called ‘Hindus for Trump’ and ‘Indian Americans for Trump 2016’ by these supporters. They have even dared to depict him as Vishnu (see pic below).

The group which has gained considerable media interest in both India and the US has currently an estimated  400 followers on Facebook.


In a conversation with online portal The Quint, Dave Makkar (seen with his family, above), treasurer and spokesperson for ‘Indian-Americans for Trump 2016’,  claimed that Trump had been misrepresented and that his group would help  redress the balance.

“Donald Trump never called the Sikh turban a hat. The views of Trump about minority communities have been twisted and taken out of context. In fact, a group of Sikhs in Washington DC, Maryland have formed an organisation under the banner ‘American-Sikhs for Trump’…‘Indian Americans for Trump 2016’ respects Donald Trump’s campaign finance policy to not accept money from PAC (Political Action Committee for campaigns in United States),” Makkar told The Quint.

Makkar will however have a tough time convincing members of his community. Surveys suggest that an estimated 80% of the India-American community are against Trump and will vote Democrat in the US elections.

Azamgarh-born entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Islam, who believes that “Trump is the ugly face of America,” has already raised an estimated half-a-million dollars for Hillary’s campaign in this election.  Others like Huma Abedin who is Hillay Clinton’s media advisor, Neera Tanden and Shefali Razdan Duggal are working round-the-clock for the Democrat candidate. Their strategy is simple: do whatever it takes to make Trump lose.

Pics courtesy: Hindus for Trump, Dave Makkar, frankislam.com


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