Neera Tanden makes a strong case for Hillary as POTUS

45-year-old Indian-American makes political debut on national stage at recently-concluded Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

India At Large staff

For presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, politics is all about fighting for people, not when the cameras are on but when they are off, Indian- American Neera Tanden said in her political debut on the national stage at the Democratic party convention in Philadelphia recently.

Tanden, 45, was invited by the Democratic leadership and the Clinton Campaign to address the recently concluded Democratic National Convention.

Tanden, who is currently president of the Center for American Progress, a progressive public policy research and advocacy organisation based in Washington DC, narrated her personal story to make a strong case for Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States.

“It’s truly an honour for me to address this convention.  Because frankly, I would not be here without the policies of the democratic party,” said Tanden, a close confidant of Clinton. “My parents got divorced when I was five years old. My father left for a time, and my mother had to be on welfare,” she added.

She worked hard to support me and my brother…We used lunch of vouchers at school and food stamps at the supermarket. “After we moved out of our house, a federal subsidy let us to get an apartment and stay in a town with good public schools,” she said recollecting her childhood days.

“It wasn’t easy, but we eventually got back on our feet because of the investment democrats have made in struggling families like mine,” she said amidst applause from the audience that had several thousand Democratic party delegates and party leaders in attendance.

Born in Bedford, Massachusetts to immigrant parents from India, Tanden graduated from UCLA in 1992 and received her degree from Yale Law School in 1996. She is married to Ben Edwards, an artist she met while working on the Michael Dukakis campaign.

Tanden, who is speculated as a potential cabinet appointee in Hillary’s administration, said she knows first-hand that the decisions leaders make, makes all the difference in people’s lives.

“That is why I direct public policy, and that is why I am so very proud to support Hillary Clinton. For decades, Hillary has campaigned on issues that matter to working families. Childcare, paid leave, equal pay,” the Indian-American leader said.


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