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Benhur Samson used to get a lot of requests from his gay clients regarding prospective life partners. Thus was born, a matrimony portal for homosexuals

The Indian-born Chicago resident, who owns and operates Surrogacy Abroad – an international surrogacy agency for ‘intended parents’ – has roped in Manvendrasingh Gohil to help sort out immigration issues

India At Large staff

Indian-born Benhur Samson moved to Chicago in 1987, and has been on the business side of the medical field for the past 20 years. During these years, Samson saw an opportunity in the industry to bridge the gap between ‘intended parents’ of all lifestyles and surrogacy in India.

So he started Surrogacy Abroad, a company whose main focus was to guide ‘intended parents’ through every detail of the process for surrogacy. His goal was to make each parent feel confident that every aspect of the process was being managed for them, and the overwhelming stress usually associated with surrogacy in general was removed from the experience.

During the course of his work, Samson realised that several gay people of Indian origin wanted an arranged marriage and were looking for partners from India. “The reason seems to that arranged marriages are common in India. Also, Indians are known for their commitment, their loyalty to partners and hard-working nature,” he was quoted as saying in some media reports.

Also, in June when US President Barack Obama declared marriage equality rights, Samson realised that while so many heterosexuals were visiting India to get married, “then why not do the same for homosexuals”, Samson told PTI.

Thus was born Samson says his customised marriage agency for gay couples is different from numerous dating sites that cater to gays, as on his portal, they familiarise themselves with the clients for nearly a year before finding their partner, based on their requirements.

Samson claims he has already received nearly 250 enquiries from gays, mostly Indians, and his agency has already helped 29 couples tie the knot through the portal. The agency conducts background checks as well as counselling.

Enrolment costs $5,000, although the fee is refundable if no match is found. The agency conducts background checks, visits prospective partners at home and at work and provides counselling, Samson says.

Rajpipla’s gay prince Manvendrasingh Gohil has been roped in as a consultant for the gay marriage bureau. The agency has also hired lawyers to look into the legal aspects of the marriages, including immigration if an Indian marries a person abroad.

Pic courtesy: Facebook